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Barracuda Refurbishment and Upgrade Complete

Barracuda Refurbishment and Upgrade Complete

With a completely new interior as well as expanded leg lengths, the Class 120 Barracuda has been returned to the market. The vessel has been upgraded from a Class 105 to Class 120 adding a sixth vessel to the 120 class. These upgrades allow the vessel to work in a maximum working depth of 80' of water. The maximum deckload capacity has increased to 135,000 lbs to accommodate heavier equipment loads.

In addition to longer leg lengths, the interior cabin has been renovated from top to bottom. A brand new living and work area designated for the 'Company Man' has been added with a full private head. We have added comforts such as sound-damping flooring, enlarged galley and lounge spaces, doubled laundry capacity, wider bunks and changing areas in each shower stall. We have also added room for a total of 18 available berths for our customer's use.  Updated features throughout the vessel's interior are an investment in our Guest's experience and overall satisfaction.

In addition to renovations on the Barracuda, All Coast is currently building a Class 250 further proving our commitment to provide our customers with options that will better serve their job specific needs.

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