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All Coast, LLC Upgrades the Barracuda to Expand Fleet
11/13/2013 All Coast, LLC


Press Release
All Coast, LLC Upgrades the Barracuda to Expand Fleet
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LAFAYETTE, , November 13, 2013 – All Coast, LLC, the largest liftboat operator in the Gulf of Mexico, announces that it has entered into a contract with SEMCO, LLC, for the refurbishment and enhancement of its L/B Barracuda, which was previously out of service. 
Under this agreement, sponsons will be added to the hull, her leg length will be extended from 105 to 120 feet, and quarters will be enlarged.  The quarters will be completely outfitted with new furnishings for guests’ comfort.
Byron Allemand, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, noted that “this is the first step in our drive to upgrade and improve our Gulf of Mexico fleet.”
Allemand adds that in its refurbished condition, “the Barracuda will be the pinnacle of its class of vessels.”
All Coast is also currently evaluating a large new build which it anticipates announcing later this year.
All Coast’s fleet includes 29 active liftboats operating in the Gulf of Mexico and nine vessels out of service, exclusive of the Barracuda. For more information please visit our website at
CONTACT: Byron Allemand

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